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What you see on the following links are a mixture of digital images. Some are nothing more then a moment in time captured and recorded by pushing a shutter button, meaning nothing to anyone other then ones that were there. Others are more, much more.

A much wiser and much more talented man once said "You don't take a photograph, you make it." He is considered a legend, so I listen. He has also mentioned just how much practice it took to develop his minds eye, so I practice.

What you see here is a record of my journey in my quest to see something in my mind and then be able to show it to you, as I pictured, no exceptions. When I can consistently do that I will consider my goal fulfilled. It is not as much the end of the quest that I seek, but the fun and learning from the journey.

Just for the record, it is not my intention to make my living from photography. I have a job that does that. However, I do hope that my love could be self supporting one day.


Models (Adult Only)

If you are offended by nudity this is not the gallery for you.

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For the love of animals

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The Model Port

Just some stuff I shot...

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Proofs - Lauren Gagliardino 4

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Proofs - Lauren Gagliardino 1

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Proofs - Lauren Gagliardino 3

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Proofs - Lauren Gagliardino 2

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